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What does a water damage mitigation company do?

What does a water damage mitigation company do? A water damage mitigation company such as ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, The Master of Disaster, has a vested interest in "mitigating", i.e. lessening the severity of… your fire or water damage situation. This is what we are hired to do. We arrive at the scene of a water damage, fire or flood damage home or business and dry floors, walls and carpets, (and contents) as well as clean after fire damage, as opposed to rebuilding and replacing structure and contents. Whether a home or business owner has a high insurance deductible, or doesn't have coverage at all, it makes sense to try to save items and structure, as opposed to replacing and rebuilding whenever possible. In this brief video, Rob Guthans, the owner of ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, explains the differences between the incentives of a pure water damage mitigation company versus a rebuilding contractor when faced with a water damage or a fire damage. ServiceMaster Advanced is Mobile's oldest and largest ServiceMaster franchise group of companies and has been in business for over 25 years. To reach ServiceMaster Advanced, make sure you call this number, (251) 653-9333.