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Water damage Mobile, Alabama

This is video of a gym floor water mitigation job. This is not typical of the type of water cleanup and drying regularly performed in homes, except for the rescue mats. The rescue mats are regularly used by the expert water and fire damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, “The Master of Disaster”. ServiceMaster Advanced has a team of trained water damage cleaning professionals who are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The technicians and project managers have Advanced Structural Drying and Water Restoration training certifications by the IICRC. ServiceMaster Advanced is setup to work with every insurance carrier operating along the Gulf Coast, and is regularly called out directly by the various insurance companies to assist them with their customers directly. In this instance, ServiceMaster Advanced was able to save the gym floors and save the Mobile County School System several hundred thousand dollars. They have performed these services at the University of South Alabama as well. The rescue mat system works not only on commercial hardwood floors, but in residences as well. If homeowners allow mitigation to begin as soon as possible, there is an excellent chance that real hardwood floors can be saved; saving the homeowner thousands of dollars and the headache of having to move out during re-installation. No job is too large as this team of water restoration professionals has done water mitigation on jobs larger than 100,000 square feet. This particular ServiceMaster franchise is the only one operating in Mobile or Baldwin counties in Alabama who has this level of expertise, a complete team of water and fire professionals, and has been in business for over 25 years. The claims apply to this entity only, and should not be confused with any other franchise using the name “ServiceMaster”. The track record and sheer number of jobs that this team has performed over the years is astonishing. When a business or homeowner has a water damage event, they should seek advice from a trained professional such as ServiceMaster Advanced. If water damage and wet structure is not properly mitigated, unhealthy microbiological growth (mold) can likely begin, leading to an unhealthy living or working environment. Mold spores can spread to clothing, bedding, other structure, furniture and in even enter the the HVAC duct work. The phrase: “Don’t wait to mitigate” is very appropriate in water damage situations, as the sooner the drying process can begin, the less likely it is that permanent damage will occur. Often customers will find that without proper insurance coverage, or even with a high deductible, the rates for this type of cleanup are often very reasonable. ServiceMaster Advanced has helped thousands of people over the years and their water damage cleanup rates are among the most competitive in the industry. For further information, contact ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning (251) 653-9333. The “Master of Disaster”.