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Small Commercial Mold Remediation Job - The Master of Disaster, Mobile, AL

(251) 653-9333, (251) 928-1028 & (866) 653-9333 are the number for the Master of Disaster, ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning and Restoration in Mobile & Baldwin Counties along the Alabama Coast and Jackson, Harrison and Hancock Counties along the Mississippi Coast. 

This video is not instructive but indicative of how a small commercial tear out with the possibility of mold, might work. For a more detailed explanation of what we might encounter and perform, please see our web site: The building owner preferred to let us do the tear out and use our drying services, our air filtration services and our ability to provide expert containment. He already had a rebuild contractor, but knew that he didn't want to take a chance and spread mold spores throughout the building. This is where our expertise came in. 

We do a lot of these small commercial demolition jobs and several huge demolition jobs. One was as large as an entire assisted living complex. In that case, the owners knew that there could be no possibility for contamination due to the compromised immune systems of some of their elderly patients. They chose ServiceMaster Advanced.

We have been serving the Gulf Coast for over thirty years. Make sure you call our specific number as not all franchises are the same and not all remediation companies are anywhere near the same. "We would be honored to serve you."