Preventing Broken Pipes Due to Freezing - Mobile, AL and Baldwin County, AL

Preventing Broken Pipes Due to Freezing - Mobile, AL and Baldwin County, AL

Preventing Burst Pipes in Cold Weather


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Preventing Burst Pipes

When water freezes in a pipe it expands, often causing the pipe to burst.  This is a major cause of loss for homeowners; however, there are actions you can take to help avoid it.  Follow these tips to help proactively prevent loss. 

  • During extended periods of freezing temperatures, maintain a minimum thermostat setting of 60°F throughout your home.
  • To prevent exterior faucets from freezing, each faucet should be shut off from inside the home, as well as any water drained from the pipe. Exterior irrigation systems should be winterized to help prevent freezing.
  • Still water freezes faster than running water. On frigid nights, turn on a faucet at the highest point in the home. Keep the water stream low, so that only a small amount can trickle through.
  • Identify where the main water valve and the valve on your water heater are located for quick access during an emergency.
  • If you are away from home for a week or more during winter months, it’s advisable to also:
  • Leave cabinets open if they contain pipes, especially if they run along outside walls, so that the warmer inside air can circulate through them. (Be mindful of chemicals stored in these cabinets when you return home if you have small children and/or pets.)
  • Arrange for someone to check in regularly - once a day is recommended during extended periods of sub-freezing temperatures.  Make sure they know the location of the water main.
  • If you are away from home for the entire winter season, hire a licensed plumber to professionally shut-off your water and drain the pipes.

Permanent measures are available and may help to better protect you.

  • Install an automatic water shut-off device. These are designed to automatically stop the flow of water into a home when a leak is detected. PURE Members can take advantage of a special savings offer through our preferred partner.
  • Add low temperature sensors to your central station alarm system. PURE recommends one for each heating zone of the house.

If the water meter is operating but your water is not running, you may have a frozen pipe. If you discover a frozen pipe, call a plumber immediately.

In the event of a burst pipe or leak in your home, the following actions can help minimize damage.

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