Moving Back Fire Damage Cleaned Contents - Daphne and Mobile, Alabama

Moving Back Fire Damage Cleaned Contents - Daphne and Mobile, Alabama

(251) 653-9333 in Mobile, AL & (251) 928-1028 in Baldwin County, AL are the numbers for the Master of Disaster, ServiceMaster. The video is of some of the expertly cleaned contents from a customer's home being loaded back and sent to the customer. In the case of a fire, we work with the contractor and the insurance company to make the event as painless and as seamless as possible. Our part will involve cleaning the customer's home or business (structure cleaning); and may or may not involve boxing all of the contents, storing them offsite, cleaning them and returning them to the customer. 

We are here to help people, and to find the most economical solution to their fire, water or mold problems. We take the long view, realizing that if we help enough people and become a trusted friend, there will be plenty of work. Believe us, in Mobile, AL, there is! Our business DEPENDS upon our reputation of integrity. As such, we give people honest opinions as to what it will take to fix their problem. There are major differences between us and all the others. For instance, in the case of fire damage, a dishonest mitigation can run through all fo your contents limits attempting to clean items that should be thrown out, using up your coverage for items that need to be replaced. How many of these compnaies will tell you that? We will. If you don't do anything else, make sure you at least call us before you hire anyone. There is no substitute for honesty and sincerity and we use this one line in every advertisement: "We would be honored to serve you." We mean that. Don't hesitate to call us if we can help you.

The little known secret in the insurance industry is that you have a choice in contractors should you experience damage to your home. It is not your insurance agent's choice. It is not your insurance adjuster's choice. It is not your insurance company's choice. It is your choice who enters your home and performs repairs for you.

ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning and Restoration is an approved vendor for virtually all of the insurance companies that operate in our regional area. At one time or another, over nearly 30 years, we have worked with virtually every insure company that has ever written a policy here. In fact, many of them recommend us because we have been pre-qualified to work for them, meaning we are on their mitigation "program". This means that we have met their standards with regard to insurance, training, procedures etc. and that they are comfortable dispatching a claim to us, if the homeowner agrees.  This is the important stipulation. The homeowner must agree and contract directly with us. 

ServiceMaster Advanced is one of a small handful of companies locally that are approved as such. We appreciate the business that the insurance programs send to us; however out of the few that are approved as such, we want to stand alone as the best. We want to earn your business be deserving of your trust, not only, because the insurance company recommended us, but because our reputation and policies are such that you would have hired us anyway. We want to stand alone out of all of the recommended companies, that you will tell your insurance agent, company or adjuster that you want ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, Enterprise number 7027, (251) 653-9333, to service your home. 

We would like to give you some reasons to chose us. In addition to the below, we would encourage you to view our web page: In addition to that article, there are many articles and videos which clearly delineate our expertise and how we treat our customers. 

In Mobile, Alabama due to the tremendous amount of rain, floods and the likelihood of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados; there are a lot of players in the mitigation and water damage repair business. Some small companies are not approved to work with any insurance carriers, and they resort to paying plumbers for leads. They raise the price to cover this payout, and many times it is double the prevailing drying rates. Even within ServiceMaster, there is confusion as some of the telephone numbers lead to the ServiceMaster Carpet Cleaning franchise, others lead to the janitorial franchise and you could even wind up calling an inexperienced franchise who is new to the business. How can you be assured that you are getting the real ServiceMaster disaster franchise? It is simple, you save this number 653-9333. 


We are the original ServiceMaster water and fire mitigation company operating in Mobile, and we are the ones who put ServiceMaster on the map and built their and our reputation here in Mobile. We are not a franchise who is attempting to build a business based upon confusion with us! We are not ServiceMaster by anybody..we are ServiceMaster ADVANCED, the Master of Disaster. 


We are fair. We care about you. We care about our reputation. There will be no issues with our personnel. The work will be done right. The price will be reasonable. 

n Mobile & Baldwin County, here are some results achieved by ServiceMaster Advanced. 


(251) 653-9333, or our smartphone app at are the ways you can reach the true Master of Disaster, ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration, A ServiceMaster RESTORE franchise.

If you have fire and smoke damaged contents, let us clean them. I have posted some before & after pics here, and you can see our many articles on our web page as well. 

ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning is the largest ServiceMaster group of companies specifically performing water damage and mitigation services in the Mobile and Baldwin County area. ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, The Master of Disaster, has been in operation in the Mobile area for over 25 years and has handled some of largest water damage and fire damage cleanup jobs in the Mobile area. From tornado cleanup jobs during the tornadoes of Christmas 2012 in Mobile, and in Hattiesburg, MS in 2013; to hurricane cleanup jobs in Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and every Spring rain and flood event to happen in the area in the last quarter century, ServiceMaster Advanced has been there. We didn’t just begin our mitigation company last year, we have been here all along and have steadily grown with the community and helped the parent company innovate and improve the brand. ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning has performed mitigation jobs for the Alabama State Docks, The Mobile Convention Center, the RSA Tower, The Mobile Infirmary, the AmSouth Tower, the Regions Bank Building, the University of South Alabama, The City of Mobile, The County of Mobile, Springhill College, Springhill Memorial, Mobile Infirmary, ST Mobile Aerospace, Airbus,The Mobile County School System, The Corps of Engineers, The State of Alabama and many many more commercial buildings and thousands of homeowners. If you find yourself in need of mitigation services for your home or business, trust the true professionals, the company that the commercial industry turns to time and again, the Master of Disaster, ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning. (251) 653-9333. Make sure you call this specific ServiceMaster entity, ServiceMaster Advanced, Enterprise number 7027. You will be glad you did & we will treat you honestly ethically & fairly.