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Important Commentary on an Current News Item - Water Damage, Mobile, AL

Important Commentary on a Current News Item. - Mobile, AL 


This past weekend there was a horrible event involving a man caught photographing women in a restroom. 


First of all, our thoughts are with the family involved, and we pray that there is no lingering mental trauma to the young victim.


Secondly, the man arrested may, or may not have worked for a competitor of ours whose name is similar. His Facebook picture was posted widely with their name and logo on his shirt. I feel certain that he was terminated by that company.


Since their name is similar to ours, people inquired as to whether or not he worked for us. Obviously not. Rather than piling on and maligning our competition, we would rather simply give you a way to remember us, and avoid confusion in the future. 


We are ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration. We are ServiceMaster, the Master of Disaster. You can easily remember our name, it rhymes with disaster.


We do a fifty state FBI background check on all of our employees.  As the video by Jennifer Farrell implies, we go to great lengths to make certain that our people make you feel instantly comfortable in their manner, dress and integrity.


Enough said. 



Rob Guthans 


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