Hotel Water Damage Restoration - Mobile, AL

Hotel Water Damage Restoration - Mobile, AL


(251) 653-9333 / (251) 928-1028 ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration is a ServiceMaster entity (Enterprise number 7027) in the Mobile and Baldwin County area approved for commercial loss restoration by ServiceMaster Restore. Above are actual pictures of a water damage cleanup in Mobile, AL.

There are vast differences between water damage restoration companies, and even within ServiceMaster. ServiceMaster Restore in Mobile, also known as ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning, "The Master of Disaster", wants to caution the public against unqualified restoration companies, against barely qualified ones, and againt restoration companies that don't even office in the Mobile and Baldwin County areas. How can you make certain that you are calling the original ServiceMaster in Mobile and Baldwin County? Call (251) 653-9333 or tell your insurance agent and adjuster that you want Servicemaster enterprise number 7027 to help you.

Many restoration companies advertise on the internet and in the Yellow Pages for water damage restoration and fire damage cleanup and mold remediation. Many have an 800 number, or even a local number, but do not have an office here. They subcontract all work out. Be careful. These companies could overcharge you way more than your insurance will cover and leave you with a hefty bill. They don't care. They are not your neighbor and don't live here. The work might be suspect and the charges might be exhorbitant. Even within our own brand, there are new entities and others who advertise on the internet as operating here, but don't office here. Again, be careful.

There is much more to the water damage restoration, fire damage mitigation, and mold remediation business, than being a contractor and just deciding that you are going to get a little training and enter this field. There should be depth of experience and years of service in THIS market, with experienced project managers who have proven track records in both the residential and commercial markets. This is why SerivceMaster is very careful about whom they will allow to be commercially certified. They don't just sell you a franchise and decide you are capable. You must meet certain guidelines for size of job handled, years of experience and insurance requirements.

At ServiceMaster ADVANCED, we have been here for over 25 years. We are commercially certified by ServiceMaster and we have handled some of the largest water damage restoration jobs, for some of the largest entities in the Mobile and Baldwin County areas. Together with our ServiceMaster Recovery Management partners, with whom we have shared many many jobs over the past five years, there is no job that we can't handle together. Aside from a catastrphic fire loss exceeding 400,000 square feet, this franchise can and will likely hande the commercial loss right here in Mobile without assistance, depending upon workload. 

As you can see, our capabiltities are vastly superior to many of the new, out-of-town, and mom & pop operators who have pretty web sites and yellow page ads. It's hard to show those differences through advertising; but rather only through a blog like this. 

Remember this please. We are fair. We care about this community. We live here, and office here. We have the capabilities and we care about our reputation. We are not ServiceMaster by anyone... we are ServiceMaster ADVANCED, the highest qualified such entity in this area and the original franchise in the Mobile/Baldwin County area. We stand by our work and we have thousands of satisfied commercial and residential customers in the area. We will stake our reputations against that of anyone. 

We would be honored to serve you. ServiceMaster ADVANCED, "The Master of Disaster", a ServiceMaster Restore Commercially Certified franchise. (251) 653-9333 in Mobile and (251) 928-1028 in Daphne, Fairhope, Foley, Orange Beach and Baldwin County. Please chack our web sites: &, and if you call your insurance company make sure you tell them that you want ServiceMaster Enterprise number 7027 to handle your loss. Thank you.