FEMA Water Damage Claim Help, Mobile and Baldwin County in South Alabama

FEMA Water Damage Claim Help, Mobile and Baldwin County in South Alabama


Call us (251) 653-9333. We can help with your FEMA  water damage claim. This is the number for ServiceMaster ADVANCED, The Master of Disaster. 

Recently, a friend told us about his nighmare water damage. Unable to contact a qualified mitigation company to help him (he unfortunately forgot to call us!!), he called a rebuild contractor. This contractor told him that FEMA wouldn't pay for repairs, and that this contractor wouldn't work unless my friend agreed not to delay his payment based upon the FEMA claim, and furthermore the contractor advised him NOT TO EVEN BOTHER FILING A FEMA CLAIM! Fortunately, our friend ignore that last piece of advice and called FEMA anyway. Without anyone helping him, he settled for pennies on the dollar and wound up paying OUT OF POCKET some $10,000.00 for repairs and  non-verified drying! Our friend, had no one in his corner, and the FEMA adjuster paid little or nothing towards the claim.

At ServiceMaster Advanced, we employ experienced project managers who have YEARS of experience in the mitigation and rebuild business. We even have a former adjuster on our staff. With that type of expertise, we are able to expertly argue your case to the FEMA adjusters and get you a proper settlement, if you use us. We rarely see instances where FEMA pays our customers pennies on the dollar, because we document everything we do, use the Xactimate estimating system and we are IICRC certified. We have been performing water damage mititgation for over 25 years along the Gulf Coast, and we have worked for every major insurance company including FEMA. We know what is required, and we are committted to doing the job right and making sure that you are treated fairly.

CHeck out our many videos and articles http://www.servicemastermobilealabama.com, also there are some specific links to FEMA and other local and national web sites here: http://www.servicemastermobilealabama.com/Comprehensive-Mitigation-Links-for-Water-Damage-an.html

If this is the type of company that you would like to work with, give us a call. ServiceMaster, The Master of Disaster. (251) 653-9333.