Easy and Inexpensive Mold Remediation - ServiceMaster Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, AL (251) 943-2230

Easy and Inexpensive Mold Remediation - ServiceMaster Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, AL (251) 943-2230

In this video, we are on our SECOND HEPA vacuuming. The process at this point looks quite easy; however when the project was started, the walls in this apartment were nearly black with visible mold. Our process involves HEPA vacuuming, thorough cleaning, HEPA vacuuming again, thorough cleaning again, one last HEPA vacuuming, thermal fogging and utilization of HEPA air scrubbers throughout. This job was less complicated than most, as the spore count was reduced, there was no demolition required, no containment necessary, and finally the spore counts did not dictate that we use full respirators. 

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We have many videos and articles on our work and the dangers of various molds. Please view this article: http://www.servicemastermobilealabama.com/Mold-Testing-Remediation-Mobile-AL-the-Mississippi-Gulf-Coast.html

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