Certified Mold Remediation - Theodore & Dauphin Island, Alabama

Certified Mold Remediation - Theodore & Dauphin Island, Alabama

If you have a mold issue, make certain that you hire a CERTIFIED mold remediation professional. Ask to see their certifications. Ask to see their insurance. Mold can be a serious health hazard, and you shouldn't take a chance with anyone that says it can simply be torn out! The airborne spores left from the removal of affected drywall and contents, are typically the very thing that will cause health problems. If every square inch isn't properly cleaned and the air filtered, the resulting spores can be enough to cause serious health issues. We will not take a chance with your health. We only know one way to do the job - the right way. This involves total elimination and removal of all visible and airborne mold spores.  - ServiceMaster Advanced - The Master of Disaster (251) 653-9333, (251) 928-1028 & (251) 943-2230. 


ServiceMaster believes in doing mold remediation the right way. This means calling in an independent Industrial Hygienist and having the customer hire them to do “before and after” air sampling, and write a proper mold remediation protocol. Typically, collection of air and or tape samples will be done. Here is an initial report prior to remediation:


At this point, a proper mold remediation protocol will be written. This is an extensive, SPECIFIC document, detailing exactly what will be done. Specifically, which walls need to be removed, which areas can be cleaned, the duct work to be cleaned and where containment should be set up. Since these documents are quite lengthy (often several pages), we have elected not to include a sample document in this article. We will gladly provide one for a prospective customer. 


After the protocol has been followed to the letter, and the remediation has been completed, then the structure is retested. Here is an example of the same structure as above, after mold remediation is completed:


Close examination of the air samples collected and the report issued, are indicative of nearly complete removal of all mold spores. in fact, the air inside is now cleaner than the outside air!






Mold air sampling machine. 

ServiceMaster Advanced Cleaning & Restoration is an IICRC certified firm. We are also IOT certified in mold remediation. We have served Mobile, Baldwin and the Gulf Coast for over thirty years. We know how to properly dry homes and businesses, clean up after fire and smoke damage, and perform expert mold remediation; and we can bill your insurance company directly. We have worked with every carrier in this area, and regularly work with them. If we can assist you, if only to provide advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. If your insurance adjuster wants to know who you called, or if you want the job assigned to us; tell them that you are using ServiceMaster #7027. It is your choice who works in your home or business. We can be reached at (251) 653-9333, (251) 928-1028, (251) 943-2230, or (866) 653-9333. We would be honored to serve you. ServiceMaster, the Master of Disaster.